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The actions to be performed
for a good indexing of the site.

Once the site is published, everyone's concern is to get it indexed by Google as quickly as possible.
Indexing is not positioning, but the previous phase through which we ask Google to insert
the "url" of the site's pages into its indexes, so that it's possible to reach them via the search keys.
To index the site's pages, Google must scan them and verify that they meet the required requirements,
both in compiling the code and in optimizing for mobile devices.


Performance tests

It's important to carry out the performance test, using the tool made available by Google itself, to improve page loading speed:

Google pagespeed insights/


Before asking Google to crawl your site, it's a good idea to validate each page with the W3C validator to correct any errors in the code:

NOTE: when using this Google tool, it's necessary to repeat the test several times, because the result is influenced by different connection factors.
The right result is always the best one obtained.


Is Your Website ADA & WCAG Compliant?
Check if your website complies with accessibility regulations for people with disabilities.

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